About Us

Dennis has lived in Los Barriles since 1964 and has been providing
payment services since the need arose in 1987.  

The PAYDENNIS office is located in the center of town one block towards
the beach from Chapitos Supermarket on Callejon Salsipuedes, and our
office hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday.

We speak English and are more than happy to answer any questions you
may have regarding the area, our services, Mexican laws, etc.

Why are we the best?

We are the only office working officially with the Utility Companies,
Electric, Water and Telephone. PAYDENNIS is also the payment center of
the East Cape for the C.F.E. (Federal Electric Co.)

All of our customers bills are sent directly to the PAYDENNIS office, and
any discrepancies, notifications or any sort of problems are directed to us
personally. We guarantee your services will never be interrupted for
non-payment as long as funds are available.

Property tax payments are made early in order to receive attractive
discounts offered by the County Governments. As for Fideicomisos, you
will be notified a month before the anniversary if your account does not
have enough to cover payment.

We are also equipped to handle promptly all immigration changes or
renewals you may require.

In addition, we have our own Certified Accountant to handle you
commercial requirements.

Your employees will be paid the 15th and the 30th of each month with
clear records kept of all payments.

Insurance agents and other service providers come to our office to be paid
so you are not bothered at home.

We are also happy to answer the many questions you will have regarding
any variety of subjects concerning living or working in this area.

We look forward to helping you with your payment services.

Dennis C. Riley
Callejon Salsipuedes # 9
Los Barriles, B.C.S.
Mexico 23330
"Life is literally a breeze with PAYDENNIS!" Deb, Los Barriles.
PAYDENNIS provides payment services that make the
time spent at your second home here in Mexico a
pleasant and worry-free experience.  We were the first
payment service in La Paz and Los Cabos counties, and
we are now the #1 service for clients wanting a buffer
between them, service providers & government offices.