News and Alerts
July 2016
Please be advised that as of today we will no longer be able to accept PayPal payments of any kind. They have already advised us that we are in violation of their policies and asked us kindly to cease and desist our operations with them. By the end of August this year we will again have in place the Texas Bank we had been using sucessfully up until two years ago. It is very fast for check processing plus Domestic wire transfers can be used. In the mean time I ask you to continue using the Houston mail forwarding for deposits but only for a short while. Hopefully this does not cause you much discomfort and if you need more info please email me. Thank you for your patience as this money laundering problem hurts us all.

March 2015
We would like to announce that we have recently changed our address in the U.S.A. If you would like to mail a check to us, please send it to: Dennis C. Riley, 1321 Upland Dr. # 987, Houston, Texas 77043. The checks are then sent FedEx to La Paz. There is a ten dollar fee per check for this service.

January 2015
We are now members of Paypal so deposits can be made through this site. If you have a Wells Fargo or CitiBank account we can use their Safe Send program also. Email us for details at

December 2014
We are now doing building manifestations along with re-manifestations for your house. We are also happy to announce that we can also provide accounting services for your Mexican corporation, rental property or business.

"Pay Dennis makes life living here so much easier. Thank you to Dennis and his team. We really appreciate their professional approach to helping us".Jim, Los Barriles

"I am proud to say that we were Dennis Riley's first customer back in 1986....Through the years his attention to his business has always been 100%. His staff, while over the years has changed, are always polite, accurate, knowledgeable and most importantly ...reliable....The record keeping is always available. Several things I have come to know, whenever there is a question about anything, or rumor of something on the horizon or almost any question pertaining to our lives in Los Barriles and sometimes outside of LB.....Ask Dennis FIRST before making a big move......He has over the years saved us from some headaches. As he once said, "people come to me after the damage is done....why don't they ask first?" He has a big network in town and can lead one to the right person or suggest a better way or just say don't do anything. We have also done our immigration papers through his office with Armando and it was painless.

We hope to have many more years with Dennis and staff making our life easier in Baja.
The Raubers, Los Barriles
PAYDENNIS provides payment services that make the
time spent at your second home here in Mexico a
pleasant and worry-free experience.  We were the first
payment service in La Paz and Los Cabos counties, and
we are now the #1 service for clients wanting a buffer
between them, service providers & government offices.