PAYDENNIS provides payment services that make the
time spent at your second home here in Mexico a
pleasant and worry-free experience.  We were the first
payment service in La Paz and Los Cabos counties, and
we are now the #1 service for clients wanting a buffer
between them, service providers & government offices.  
We are now doing building manifestations along with re-mainfestations for your house and are happy to announce we now can also provide accounting services for your Mexican corporation, rental property or business.
Table of fees for services - 2016
Payment of one service, elect, water, telephone $ 100.00 U.S. yr.
Two services: $ 120.00 U.S. yr.
Three services: $ 140.00 U.S. yr.
Payment of employee, monthly $ 60.00 U.S. yr.
Payment of employee, bi-monthly $ 90.00 U.S. yr.
Payment of employee, weekly $ 120.00 U.S. yr.
Property taxes all counties, per property $ 8.00 U.S.
Fideicomiso payment (Bank Trust) $ 50.00 U.S.
Contract for services, electric, water, telephone $ 40.00 U.S.
Cancellation of service (each) $ 40.00 U.S.
D.S.L. contract $ 25.00 U.S.
Monthly Bank payments (alarm, SKY TV, etc.) yr. $ 36.00 U.S.
Name Change, all services $ 40.00 U.S.
Propane gas, send tank truck $ 10.00 U.S.
Insurance premium payment $ 15.00 U.S.
Beach consession payment annually $ 95.00 U.S.
Administration of construction payments 2.5%
All other special payments 2.5%
Immigration Resident $ 95.00 U.S.
Immigrant permanent status $ 200.00 U.S.
Account closure fee $ 25.00 U.S.
Just a reminder!16% value added tax will be added to all service fees. Sorry but these are the Federal Government orders