PAYDENNIS provides payment services that make the
time spent at your second home here in Mexico a
pleasant and worry-free experience.  We were the first
payment service in La Paz and Los Cabos counties, and
we are now the #1 service for clients wanting a buffer
between them, service providers & government offices.  
"PAYDENNIS makes life living here so much easier.  Thank
you to Dennis and his team.  We really appreciate their
professional approach to helping us".  
Jim, Los Barriles
"I have used PAYDENNIS for many years now.  It's great that
we  don't have to deal directly with any of the utility
providers.  Dennis and his team does it all!  We get a regular
statement and we're safe in the knowledge that Dennis and
his crew will sort out any questions we have".  
Dan, Los
"Life is literally a breeze with PAYDENNIS!" Deb, Los Barriles.
"I am proud to say that we were  Dennis Riley's first customer back in
1986....Through the years his attention to his business has always
been 100%. His staff, while over the years has changed, are always
polite, accurate, knowledgeable and most importantly
...reliable....The record keeping is always available. Several things I
have come to know,  whenever there is a question about anything, or
rumor of something on the horizon or  almost any question pertaining
to our lives in Los Barriles and sometimes outside of LB.....Ask
Dennis FIRST before making a big move......He has over the years
saved us from some headaches.    As he once said,  "people come to
me after the damage is done....why don't they ask first?"  He has a
big network in town and can lead one to the right person or suggest
a better way or just say don't do anything. We have also done our
immigration papers through his office with Armando  and it was

We hope to have many more years with Dennis and staff making our
life easier in Baja.    
The Raubers, Los Barriles
"Running a second home in Baja offers a special challenge
on a day-to-day basis without worrying about paying for
electricity, water, making sure you have a reliable propane
supply and seeing that the phone bill’s taken care of in a
timely fashion.  I really don’t know where we’d be without
Dennis’ help.  Then there are times you need a plumber,
carpenter or just a handyman.  If you’re new in the area,
guessing is not the way to go.  We’ve been clients of Dennis
Riley’s for over 15 years and he makes Baja home ownership
so much more manageable."
The Bodakens, Los Barriles.