We Work With:
  • The Federal Electric Commission (CFE)
  • The Municipal Water Company (SAPA)
  • The Telephone Co. and Internet Provider (Telmex)
  • The Mexican Bank that holds your fideicomiso or title in trust
  • The Property Tax Office (CATASTRO)
  • The Federal Gov. (SEMARNAP) and (ZOFEMAT) federal zone and beach
    concession payments
  • Your Mexican Insurance agent
  • The propane supplier
  • Your gardener, pool man, fumigator, maid etc.
  • Your building contractor
  • Immigration Department
  • and any other service requiring payment
"I have used PAYDENNIS for many years now.  It's great that
we  don't have to deal directly with any of the utility
providers.  Dennis and his team does it all!  We get a regular
statement and we're safe in the knowledge that Dennis and
his crew will sort out any questions we have".  
Dan, Los
How Does it Work?

  • Start by opening an account with us.
  • This is done by filling out a form with your information such as location and
    types of services required.  
  • You sign a contract authorizing PAYDENNIS to make payments on your
  • You then leave a deposit held in your account to pay for your services.

PAYDENNIS then takes care of the rest....
  • Bills will be paid on time directly to the office of the service provider and
    before the due date.
  • We keep the original receipts on file for you to pick up at your leisure.  
  • Copies are made of important payments such as property taxes, bank trust
    and beach concession payments.
  • We also keep a daily expense sheet for you which can be seen by asking for
    an update by email.
  • Your only responsibility is to keep sufficient funds in your account to
    facilitate prompt payment.
  • We do notify you when your account is depleted, but it works better if you
    occasionally request a statement to be sent by email.
PAYDENNIS provides payment services that make the
time spent at your second home here in Mexico a
pleasant and worry-free experience.  We were the first
payment service in La Paz and Los Cabos counties, and
we are now the #1 service for clients wanting a buffer
between them, service providers & government offices.